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This is a public notice concerning cats within the City of Galesville. Cat owners are asked to adhere to the following concerns:


  1. Keep your cats on your own property. If you cannot train your cat to remain on your property, then keep the cat indoors.
  1. Make sure your cat is vaccinated for rabies and licensed. A license can be obtained from the clerk with a proof of rabies vaccination. While your cat is being vaccinated, why not have it spayed or neutered? This will help control the cat population.
  1. DO NOT FEED STRAY CATS. People who feed feral cats, per Sec. 7-1-1 are considered the owners of those cats. You will, in turn, be responsible for the proper care and vaccinations of those cats. Leaving food out for stray cats also attracts skunks and raccoons.

Cats make wonderful pets, but they can become a nuisance. Cat owners please respect your neighbors. Uncared for cats can also become a health concern because they become carriers of disease.

LANDLORDS: Please share this information with your tenants. If any animals are left behind after your tenant has left the premises, you may be considered as harboring the animals and held responsible for them.

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