There are many ways in which the City of Galesville works to serve the community. The following are the major departments of the City, including a description of their main functions.


Responsible for assessing real and personal property for purposes of taxation.

City Clerk/Treasurer

Responsible for city records, finances, elections, licensing, collections and investments.

Fire Department

Responsible for all the fire protection and prevention education in the City.


Responsible for Library materials and resources.

Parks & Recreation

Responsible for maintenance of the City’s parks.

Planning & Zoning

Responsible for building inspections, planning and zoning.

Police Department

Responsible for providing police services that reduce crime and the fear that it causes, and to promote a safe environment.

Public Works

Responsible for street and infrastructure maintenance, snow removal, brush pick-up, sidewalks, street lighting, and weed control.

Water & Sewer Utilities

Responsible for City’s water supply and the treatment of sewage.