Alternate Side Parking.

Any vehicle parked shall be parked only on even-numbered sides of the street on those days bearing an even calendar date and on odd-numbered sides of the street on those days bearing an odd calendar date. The alternate side parking shall apply during that portion of the year commencing with November 1 and continuing through March 31 of the succeeding year. An “even calendar day” is defined as a day on which the portion starting at noon is on an even day and continuous until noon of the following day, and an “odd calendar day” is a day on which the portion starting at noon is on an odd day and continues until the noon of the following day. Where parking is normally permitted only on one (1) side of the street, vehicles shall be parked on that side of the street only on every night of the week.

Parking During Snowstorm Emergency.

  1. Emergency Declarations. The Common Council hereby declares that an emergency exists in the City whenever a snowfall during any period of twenty-four (24) hours or less reaches a depth of one (1) inch or more as reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce Weather Service. Such emergency is declared to be a serious public hazard impairing transportation and public health, safety and welfare for a period of forty-eight (48) hours or until such earlier time as snow removal operations have been declared completed by the Galesville Police Department.
  2. Parking Regulations During Snow Emergencies. Whenever an emergency exists, no person shall park or suffer to be parked any vehicle of any kind or description in an area marked by temporary “no parking” signs.
  3. Authorization of Erection of No Parking Signs. Pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 66.325, WI Statutes, the Galesville Police Department is authorized to erect temporary “no parking” signs during the existence of an emergency created by a snowstorm or excessive snowfall which impairs or prevents the full use of any highway, street or roadway for transportation.
  4. Snow Tow-Away Zones. The Galesville Police Department is hereby authorized to cause the towing away of vehicles parked in violation of this Section.